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For almost 15 years, we have been assessing the most experienced and demanding travellers about why and how to plan an adventure to this paradise.

We will avoid confusing you with 40 or 50 vessels, rates, cabins, unending paragraphs with information about the islands and the country and hundreds of different itineraries. We are aware you might know very little about Galapagos and since our passion is to work with people, we will love to assist you either by chat, e-mail or by a phone call. Therefore we have just detailed the basics about Galapagos.

With a wide offer of vessels as well as land based programs and hotels, we have concluded that Galapagos is a dynamic destination, this means it can be adapted to all type of guests.

In case you wish to travel with family and friends, we will advice you to go for a cruise vessel in which you will not be worry about the small ones, but in case it is an active family with an adventurer spirit, a small yacht is also an option or even an island hopping. For independent travellers looking forward to avoid large groups, then small motor vessels or even a barquetine.

For honey mooners, wishing to just rest on an isolated location far away from the world, then we will recommend a hotel in one of the islands so they can discover Galapagos on their own pace.

If exploring Galapagos underwater is your choice, there are excellent options for divers, either cruising or full day – island based excursions.

And last but not least, for the world-class travellers looking for unmatched experiences and service, we will suggest a luxury vessel for individuals, groups or for even a more intimate experience, a charter.