Travel Blog: Ecuador & Galapagos with Petrel Expeditions

Bio: Based in Quito-Ecuador-South America, I am a freelance photographer who specializes in documenting wildlife, nature, landscaping and cultures and its traditional ways of life of Ecuador, Latin America. My photos and articles have been published in various magazines, my travel photographs were featured by some of the largest travel companies in the United States and Great Britain in their brochures and catalogs. I am passionate about editorial-travel photography, I produce my own multimedia stories, merging still photography and ambient sound and musical soundtracks. I coach photography and multimedia storytelling to enthusiast when need it pro-bono. My particular interest is promoting photography to those isolated communities and people that have been not able to meet photography as an art expression and learned to care for life and the environment through a camera. At the end of our photo expedition we hope to donate printed images to those people and communities that were involved in the process so they can be reminded them self and the world the importance of their presences and culture. My favorite topics are wildlife, nature, local festival, tribal rituals, urban life, and people. I plan my photo expeditions for photographers and the eager enthusiast who share my same enthusiasm for the uncommon locations, the remote, the pristine places off the beaten path, to witness events and moments where is easy to fall for in South America and Ecuador...

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